Thingy:91 with Solar Shield

Powerfoyle solar cell converts any form of light to electrical energy

The Nordic Thingy:91 Solar Shield is a plug-and-play prototyping platform. Powerfoyle solar cell is mounted onto the Thingy to quickly get started exploring the endless possibilities with solar powered IoT applications and to develop products with eternal life or even battery-free products.​

The Thingy:91 runs the asset_tracker_v2 application configured in low-power mode, requires 3.4 mA when sending updates to the cloud every minute, or 2.3 mA when sending updates to the cloud every hour.

Powerfoyle is a groundbreaking solar cell technology made by Exeger. Powerfoyle has a uniquely flexible and customizable design to integrate seamlessly for sustainable and attractive products. To learn more the innovation and application areas, visit​

Demo devices

Here are some demo devices you can view:

Included SIMs

This model comes with a pre-activated SIM card from iBasis. You may run of data depending on your usage. You can check the the amount of data left on your SIM card by adding the SIM to your nRF Cloud account.

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Thingy:91 with Solar Shield (PCA20035+solar) with QR code

The QR code on the device encodes a link with a fingerprint (e.g. 92b.d3c4fb) that contains the production run number (e.g. 92b) and a unique token (e.g. d3c4fb) that will prove your ownership of the device and will be used to look up the IMEI in our database.

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